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Whether you are a career professional, corporate executive, tradesman confronted with a challenging career trajectory and seeking a career shift or a newly-minted IHL (Institute of Higher Learning) graduate looking for your first job, your RESUME is one of the most important documents you need to own.

And realise creating one is one of the most challenging and daunting tasks – not even sure where to begin. You are also confused by what you read on the internet or books and hear different (and even puzzling) advice from relatives, friends, career advisors.

Further, you are faced with massive changes in employment and hiring trends brought about by:

  • Pervasive use of recruitment management software – Application Tracking System – ATS
  • Technology-social media-based jobsearch platforms.
  • Internet fundamentally impacting ways people read – skimming, glancing, picking up only selected info
  • Deeper and more thorough screening of job candidates by employers.
  • Surge in numbers of qualified applicants per job opening with only 2% receiving interview invites.
Research shows that on average, a hiring manager or recruiter spends 6 seconds, yes 6 seconds reading a resume.

We fully understand you and your concerns. You want a fast, easy way to generate a compelling, top-of-the-class resume/personal branding profile that attracts employers’ attention for all the right reasons.

More importantly, we also understand employers and what they need and want in future hires – rainmakers, moneymakers, those with entrepreneurial acumen pushing envelopes, driving initiatives. They want to know how candidates will fit into their team and add value to their culture.

Our team of Resume Writing Professionals and Jobsearch Strategists are subject-matter experts highly qualified, experienced and are among the ”best of the best”. We come from diverse backgrounds – from banking & finance, HR, education & training, IT & Technology to the professions. 

We create, craft, design a one-of-a-kind masterpiece setting you kilometres apart from other jobseekers. How?

  • Focus on 3 key criteria  for employer-centric resumes
  • Content – compelling, appealing with an excellent storyline
  • Format – showcasing your performance profile with  the right structure
  • Design –  Good page design that distinguishes yours in a dog-eat-dog society
  • Showcasing not just your career history but more importantly demonstrate your values, focus on your achievements that capture the attention of hiring people. 
  • Offering a highly personalised service completely tailored to your specific needs.
  • No offshoring of services for templated resumes

Our resumes and personal branding profiles are:

  • Clearly and concisely crafted and designed to appeal to hiring professionals
  • incorporating critical keywords and power words resonating with employers and ATS.
  • Creatively formatted & customized, modern and visually distinctive
  • Reader-friendly and skimmable
  • Interviewable – featuring selling points prominently
  • Professionally edited for clarity, logic, flow and grammar

Over 150 000 resumes & branding profiles created

Fewer than 1% requesting edits/rewrites

Over 80% land interviews within weeks

5-Star Rating on Google

Ranked among TOP 5 in Singapore

Everyone – CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, tradesmen, new IHL graduates, professionals, and job hunters needs a strong personal branding profile in today’s and tomorrow’s challenging environment.
Your resume/personal branding profile is the ultimate currency. Without a top-notch, polished, value-driven personal brand that entices and excites your target audience, you will have hardly any equity in this digital marketplace.

Meet Our Team – Key Professionals

Taking great pride and with passion in what we are gifted to do crafting ground-breaking, top-of-the-class resumes and branding profiles for our clients from around the world every day.

Lim Larry

M Phil (Management) UHUD
Founder & Chief Executive
Successful Resumes Singapore Pte Ltd & Career Management Institute

Lim Larry

M Phil (Management) UHUD
Founder & Chief Executive
Successful Resumes Singapore Pte Ltd & Career Management Institute
Has extensive expertise and experience in business, management, marketing, sales and HRM in both MNCs and SMEs in senior management positions in industries such as publishing, education and training. Highly passionate about resume writing, consulting and counselling and has crafted thousands of resumes and Linkedin, business, executive and personal branding profiles for clients across professions and trades and industries from around the world. Often featured in and quoted by print, broadcast and social media.

Timothy J Karl

Senior Resume Writing Consultant, Coach & Mentor

Timothy J Karl

Senior Resume Writing Consultant, Coach & Mentor
Tim comes with more than 15 years’ experience in HR management in large organisations and over ten years’ ground experience in Successful Resumes Australia. Highly committed to promoting clients and helping them achieve their career goals. Tim has extensive knowledge of the employment market and talent competition across the APAC region. A respectful listener with adept ability to capture who you truly are and reflect that in your resume and cover letter.

Joseph Tay

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Joseph Tay

Executive Coach & Facilitator
Joseph Tay, MSc, MBA, PCC, has 20 years of experience as an executive coach, facilitator, and organizational intervener. He works with executives at all levels to develop deep personal insights, attain clarity about their values and goals, and take action in their professional development and growth. Joseph previously worked in MNCs in financial positions and ran businesses. He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Samantha Saw

CEO, Successful Resumes Australia & Founder, Successful Resumes Hong Kong

Samantha Saw

CEO, Successful Resumes Australia & Founder, Successful Resumes Hong Kong
With a passion and enthusiasm for helping people navigate a journey to success, Samantha has worked across corporate, not-for-profit and government sectors to create better outcomes. With expertise in management, finance and business development, Samantha specialises in working across the APAC region to support senior managers identify their next opportunity or transition to Board placements.

Linda Fitzpatrick

Co-Founder & Principal Successful Resumes America & WorkThatSatisfies.Com

Linda Fitzpatrick

Co-Founder & Principal Successful Resumes America & WorkThatSatisfies.Com
Linda has been a specialist in workforce development for many years, providing mentorship and employment coaching to a diverse group of candidates across management and non-management positions in all key sectors including Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, IT and more. Linda has also mentored and launched careers for countless people in the special needs workforce including people with disabilities, people re-entering the workforce, mature workers and veterans. Her background includes world-class training for customer service and others in the workplace.

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