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Executive Coaching is a surefire strategy to set you up for success in whatever station of life you are on right now.

Grow Leaders to the Next Level

Drive Career Advancement

Drive & Safeguard Employability

Build & Develop Self-Confidence

Boost Your Personal Branding

Why Executive Coaching?

You may be trapped in your current job role for too long, feel lost & confused and seem to make no headway in your career. Or, you are not gainfully employed for quite some time and face the arduous task of getting back to fulltime employment. Deep inside you, you feel and know you are capable of so much more and have the potential of achieving something extraordinary.

But you are stuck!

If you remain idle, procrastinate and aren’t making any plans to turn your life now, chances are you’ll live the same life routine for the rest of your time.

Speak to Joseph Tay, our Executive Coach and Facilitator, today and he can show you how you can get your life back on track and be the MASTER of your own life again!

Executive coaching is a popular leadership development strategy. Our customized coaching process developed by Joseph can give you a new perspective and focus. His coaching helps leaders implement personal and organisational change by providing support and keeping focused on attaining their personal and professional goals.

Joseph coaches one-on-one or in a small group (for corporates). Clients also engage him to facilitate retreats and training.  The areas he has covered include marketing, strategy, personal development, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, communication, leadership, teamwork and organization transformation.  

Benefits of Personal Coaching
  • Establish and take action towards achieving goals
  • Become more self-reliant
  • Gain more job and life satisfaction
  • Contribute more effectively to the team and the organization
  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments
  • Collaborate more easily and productively with others (boss, direct reports, peers)
  • Communicate more effectively 
Benefits of Coaching in Organisations
  • Empowers individuals and encourages them to take on increased responsibility
  • Increases employee and staff engagement
  • Improves individual performance
  • Helps identify and develop high potential employees
  • Identifies both organizational and individual strengths and development opportunities
  • Motivates and empowers employees to excel
  • Drives organizational commitment to human resource development
Let’s talk about what needs to be done - invest ahead of the curve, change and transform your life. Book a Discovery session with Joseph today and experience how his life coaching can bring you new living hope.

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