Interview Preparation

Your successful resume helped you get the interview
Now learn how to get the job
Great News! You have been invited to a job interview.
What’s next?

Sharpen your selling skills

Hone Your Storytelling Skills

Build Confidence

Beat Interview Jitters

Slay Tough Interview Questions

Reduce Interview Stress with Practice at Mock Interview sessions

Now all you need to do is to master and polish up your interview skills to impress the people on the Interview Board that you are the right fit for the job!

Sound easy? 

With the proper preparation, it can be. However, for many people, the fear of being put on the spot and meeting the interviewers’ expectations can overshadow their interview performance.

Almost everyone experiences some form of nerves or anxiety related to job interviews. They can manifest in different ways like talking too fast, overusing umm’s or ahh’s, not finding the right words to concisely respond to questions, the dreaded sweaty palms, and the list goes on… This nervous energy before an interview is not something to fear. Recent research tells us that it can help you to perform better if you master the key to a successful interview: preparation.

Successful Resumes Singapore offers customised one-on-one interview skills preparation to improve your ability and confidence. We develop strategies that make you shine by focusing on your strengths, skills, competencies and values and how they relate to an employer’s needs.

Through the use of practice interviews, we also assist with any perceived challenges you have, including how to answer those tricky questions and how to present yourself to stand out from other candidates. 

Our training style is relaxed and enjoyable, giving you a comfortable environment to develop your skills and confidence so that you can perform at your very best and secure the job you want. 

We provide immediate coaching and feedback and can also record the interviews for further self-practice at home.

Our Preparation

Our Interview Preparation Coaching Includes:

How to use formulas to demonstrate why your skills and experience make you the best person for the job.

How to build responses to common or challenging questions using your career experience.

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses and how to present them.

The importance of researching the company to prepare thoughtful questions to ask your interviewers.

After the Interview

Your interview isn’t over as soon as you walk out the door. We assist in preparing follow-up emails and thank you notes or cards. You should use these to maintain contact, reaffirm your interest and keep yourself fresh in the hiring managers’ mind.

A simple yet impressive thank you email, note or card can set you apart from hordes of others they may be interviewing.

Not getting invited for interviews?

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