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Reinvent Yourself. Establish Your Public Persona For Your Target Audience.
Your personal brand is your reputation.

Building Compelling Personal & Business Branding Profiles


Personal Branding is a Hot Trend in Leadership right now.

When done well with purpose, it creates enormous impacts.

When it comes to today’s hiring trends, your resume and key achievements, though essential, are not enough. Employers and hiring professionals are very likely to hire a person with brand recognition.

We are all brands. You already have a personal brand. You simply cannot avoid not wanting one – either you define and authenticate yourself or others will do it for you.

When done right, your branding profile is a powerful concept that can impact the course of your career. Personal branding is what shapes the perception of a person – building a person’s reputation, creating one’s image for the outside world. Personal branding is a professional way people market themselves and their careers.

By building a solid personal brand, individuals can become more visible in their industry, improve their reputation among recruiters and hiring managers, leave a more lasting impression during online and in-person networking, and sell more to target prospects. 

  • Strong brands have been shown to outperform their less recognisable competitors by as much as 73% (McKinsey Research).
  • An effective personal brand differentiates you from everyone else.
  • Impact name recognition, enticing people engagement and relationship.
  • Ease landing lucrative career opportunities.

Develop Your Personal Brand and Value Proposition

Resume Writing Professionals  and Career Services Strategists at Successful Resumes Singapore with over 10 years of experience-based expertise can partner with you to brilliantly create and craft personal branding profiles that are:



Extremely effective

Truly identify and articulate your unique proposition

And helping you

Build trust

Build connection

Build confidence

Build authenticity

Build USP – Unique Selling Point

Build a personal brand framework

Brand Profiling is for everyone – whether you are a career changer, seasoned career professional, corporate honcho, tradesman or new IHL graduate.

Business Or Company Profile

Every business entity has and is a brand. A business or company profile is a professional introduction of the business, aiming at informing the audience about its products and services.

A well-crafted, ground-breaking business or company profile is a powerful way to introduce the business to prospective customers, investors and other stakeholders. If you have just launched a new business or start-up and are planning and strategizing to create a great first impression on aspiring customers, then you need a robust and dynamic business/company profile.

A high-powered and forceful profile is pivotal for any business but it should not be the only promotional tool; you have to create the right marketing mix to reach out to customers and get them focused on your brand.

Our team of brand profiling professionals and brand strategists with over 10 years’ global experience and local expertise are ready to partner you to:

  • create and produce corporate profiles that are clear, concise and authentic.
  • map out your unique brand to showcase your company’s specific brand blueprint so that your company can stand out, attract your ideal customers, build a long-lasting relationship with them, grow your profits.
  • create a captivating story to highlight the true value of your company, its intangible assets and their roles in driving profitability and growth.
  • build consumer recognition and trust and brand loyalty.
  • create memorable distinction, difference and convey value.

A well-documented corporate profile increases the intellectual property value, adds commercial value to the business, stands out from the competition now and into the future.

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