Outplacement Services

Connecting people to future opportunities and putting people into jobs as soon as possible.

Redundancy has become a practical reality in today’s employment market, particularly as the business and economic climate constantly evolves. 

It can be an emotional, challenging experience, yet it offers a fantastic opportunity for an individual to transition to a new role or pursue a complete career change.

Our career practitioners work with both employees and employers to provide tailored, practical outplacement services to support the redundancy process.

Quality outplacement services are a critical component of any organisation’s change management strategy. We collaborate with businesses large and small to develop and implement outplacement programmes to help their employees exit the business with  dignity and confidence.

Our Team of highly-experienced Master Resume Writers and Jobsearch Strategists offer effective outplacement solutions to help redundant employees transition to new roles while maintaining employee satisfaction and positive employer branding.

Jobsearch Advisory & Career Coaching

Bespoke & result-driven job search strategies to help employees

  • navigate the employment market
  • explore new industries
  • identify a career path
  • develop a job search strategy.

Professional Writing

Resume Writing & Personal Brand Profiling

Invest in your career. Your resume/personal branding profile is the ultimate currency. We craft cutting-edge, top-of-the-class resumes and branding profiles that entice and excite your target audience – the hiring community worldwide. Your next career opportunity starts here.

Linkedin About/ Profiles

Linkedin is a social network platform. It is considered the benchmark for professional networking creating economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. When used correctly and strategically with panache, Linkedin can perform near miracles for your career development. To help you achieve this, you need a top-notch, awesome Linkedin About/Profile.

Cover Letters & Jobsearch Letters

Letters you need to write in response to job postings or email directly to hiring professionals. Yes, you still need KILLER cover/jobsearch letters. Hiring managers still read them. We showcase critical considerations for developing and presenting letter content in the most modern form possible to increase the chances of your letters will get noticed, be read and result in interview invites.

Business & Personal Brand Profiling

Personal branding is what shapes the perception of a person – building a person’s reputation, creating a person’s image for the outside world. When done right, your branding profile is a powerful concept that can impact the course of your career. Similarly, a high-powered and forceful corporate profile is pivotal for any business.

Interview Preparation

Got the interview? Now get the job by polishing your interview skills. Successful Resumes Singapore offers customised one-on-one f2f interview skills preparation and effective strategies to ace your interview.

Executive Coaching & Personal Development

As the business environment becomes more global and complex, leaders present and future need constant coaching. With effective coaching and support, leaders and executives become more aware of their impact on others, learn to self-identify problems and design solutions, and develop skills to transform how effective they can be in the workplace and society.
At Successful Resumes Singapore, we are committed to excellence in our solutions and services. In doing so, we create life-changing innovations when delivering top-of-the-class client service – assisting clients to launch the next meaningful and rewarding career.
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