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We know how to craft a resume or cv that delivers results – with the right structure, content and design

Your resume is your marketing brochure. Your personalised branding profile. Your career passport.

Your resume might be one of the most important documents you own. It is the tool that helps pave your future. It must contain the right mix of information to sell you in the most effective and appropriate way.

Research shows that you have less than 10 seconds to convince a potential employer to read your resume or CV in detail. So we craft compelling resumes that attract attention for all the right reasons. A successful resume blends your professional profile with your unique abilities. It clearly and concisely details who you are and what you have to offer. Most importantly, it meets the needs of employers, recruiters and human resource professionals. It is more than a typed list of your employment history. In a highly competitive job market, employers make recruitment decisions on more than just skills and experience. They want to know how candidates will fit into their team and add value to their culture.

We are not a typing service nor do we collect your information and send it offshore to deliver a templated resume. We take great pride in partnering with our clients to craft a document that wins you the interview. We offer a highly personalised service that is completely tailored to your specific needs. We work with graduates taking their first career steps to senior business leaders who want to transfer their successful careers to offer strategic support on Boards.

Our Resume Writing Professionals and Jobsearch Strategists are highly qualified, experienced and are among the ”best of the best”. They create resumes that showcase not just your career history but more importantly demonstrate your values, focus on your achievements that capture the attention of hiring people.

Our resumes are:
• Written for the future, not the past
• Intelligently & expertly crafted
• Creatively designed & customized
• Professionally presented
• Employer centred
• Critical keywords integrated
• Skimmable
• ATS compliant

Career Resources Toolkit

Career resources to give you a head start

Every client who signs up for a full resume service package will receive a copy of our exclusive Career Resources Toolkit FREE.
This kit, developed by Successful Resumes, contains a wide range of advisories that can help you to maximise your chances of securing job interviews and succeeding in being the successful applicant.
Career Resources Toolkit contains a range of advice tools and tips ranging from body language, challenging interview questions to interview preparation.

“My achievements were so well highlighted and translated into hard hitting resume content. My strengths and talents were superbly showcased.Now I know why some people feel so embarrassed by their own resumes.”

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M Meier

CFO, Germany

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