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Successful Resumes is a global professional group who provides a consistently high standard of service to support our clients achieve their career goals. It is based on the philosophy that the key to career success starts with a resume that is creatively designed and intelligently written to deliver a strategic marketing document.

Our business has grown because we have been able to attract the right people to learn our unique and proven methods of working with clients to deliver resumes that work across all professionals in all industries. They have then purchased an exclusive geographic territory where they operate independently, usually from home, under the Successful Resumes name, with ongoing support in marketing, creative and strategic problem solving and in the sharing of new products.

Join our vibrant Team at Successful Resumes Singapore Pte Ltd. The business of writing resumes and branding profiles is an outstanding business opportunity in all market conditions even in turbulent times. The resume market will continue to thrive in every economic cycle.

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Timothy Karl’s story: Senior Resume Writing Consultant, Coach and Mentor

I was a successful Human Resource (HR) Practitioner with over 15 years’ experience in large organisations. I decided it was time for a career change and I moved to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia to further hone my skills in HR in a totally different geographical, cultural and social environment.  It never occurred to me that job seekers are willing to pay good dollars for professionally written resumes and CVs. After seeing a job applicant’s resume crafted by a professional from Successful Resume Australia that I realised why and how a professionally crafted resume made a world of difference.

Without much hesitation,  I sought out a Successful Resumes writer in Queensland and he recommended that I spoke with John Little, CEO of Successful Resume Australia about purchasing a business territory in Brisbane. This turned out to be one of the best decision I ever made. After meeting with John, I felt energised and enthusiastic about my next career steps and within days after completing my training in Sydney, I got my first client. I couldn’t describe how elated I was. I am now a proud owner and boss of a Successful Resumes business in Brisbane City – CBD, Queensland and with it comes a good, steady income. The greatest job satisfaction in my new role is that I can give that life-changing gift of a brilliant resume to my client. This is one of my most empowering life experiences. The bespoke, new resumes I craft give my clients the confidence to apply for more senior roles that they never imagined they would be considered for.

A decade later I returned to Singapore and joined the Singapore team while concurrently managing my Brisbane City – CBD business territory.

Larry, the Chief Executive of Successful Resumes Singapore and I look forward to welcoming you onboard.