Cover Letters

The Cover Letter Is As Important As The Resume

Cover letters are a critical component of your job application, working together with your resume to attract the attention of your potential employer and to make the right first impression.

Your resume might be impressive – but the cover letter will make or break your chances of securing your next dream job.
Cover letters provide an introduction to your application, an opportunity to direct attention to specific information in your resume and allow you to explain why you’re applying for this position.
Most importantly, cover letters should be used to explain why you, the applicant, are the best possible fit for the role.
Unfortunately, cover letters are often considered less important than resumes. We know that more and more employers and recruiters value them as a critical part of your job application, while some may not. That means you simply can’t afford to ignore them.

Your cover letter should address the position description and reference your resume without being overly repetitive.

Our Resume Writing Professionals know how to strike the right balance and structure highly effective cover letters for our clients. An excellent cover letter is essential. Find out more.